Leadership Academy participants contribute to their “professional” and “personal” development through academic and social activities that last for 3 days; increases their know-how and thus invests in intangible capital properties. Focusing on the inspiring power of leadership and its ability to influence people with the Leadership Academy;

Professional and Personal Development Trainings, Interviews, Seminars, Panels, B2B Talks, Company Introductions, Leadership Workshops, Social Events, Cooperation and Coordination Meetings, exhibitions and with the papers presented by the scholars, it is ensured that all participants contribute to their human, social and cultural capital in interaction.

The Leadership Academy Project is the prestige event of the Silifke Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one of the 365 Chambers and Stock Exchanges operating under TOBB in Turkey. It is the first and only comprehensive event that brings together business people and academics, especially being held together with various universities. The fact that it has a non-profit organizational structure reveals another unique aspect. Papers presented at the Leadership Academy are transformed into scientific publications and presented to the appreciation of social stakeholders.

The Leadership Academy is a comprehensive event that aims to contribute to society, to increase communication and interaction between Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, and to meet academic knowledge with sectoral experience. The synergy that emerged as a result of the academic studies presented at the Leadership Academy by the representatives of the business world; presents the first and only example of academy-industry meeting. In 2022, it was applied as the best partnership project at the World Chambers Competition.